About me

Hello everyone! Welcome to my website!

  • My name is Galyna Gaivoronska.
  • Since March 2002 I have been working as an English and German tutor.
  • I help children, teenagers and adults to master their target language.
  • I have a master's degree with honors, NTUU “Igor Sikorsky KPI”.
  • I had practical training in the USA (summer 2005).
  • I communicate with English and German native speakers on a regular basis.
  • I do love my job because I help people speak their target language and I do like learning foreign languages as well.
  • I believe in the success of every student of mine!

The Way I work

  • 1. I provide an individual approach to every student according to their age, level and personality.
  • 2. The main lesson goals are communication skills (speaking and listening), so I always give my lessons in a target language.
  • 3. If the situation required, I help with the pronunciation, explain grammar points and teach my students spelling as well.
  • 4. For teaching English I use British and American textbooks, for teaching German – German ones.
  • 5. I provide my students with all the needed materials for free.

I'm looking forward to helping you!

Contact me by phone

+49 15227723838

Payment Order

The Payment Conditions


The first lesson must be paid just after having the lesson. The next lesson payment must be done for 5 lessons in advance.


You can cancel a lesson but please do it in advance not later than in 24 hours, otherwise that class must be paid.


Cost, duration and frequency of classes are determined individually.